Talks and Lectures were originally designed for Photographic Societies and Camera Clubs, but are becoming increasingly popular with many other organisations such as Probus Groups and W.I.ís. The talks can be edited to last any required time from one to two hours, and are illustrated with A3 size mounted prints.

TALK 1 - Granny Goes To Glastonbury

Granny goes to Glastonbury is a photographic record of Ann's experiences at the Glastonbury Festival, where she has been visiting and taking photographs, armed with wellies and her trusty Canon, for over 20 years.

Colourful and fun, the talk is a hilarious account full of stories and anecdotes of the people she meets, the pop stars and performers, the fans and eccentrics, all who help to make the Festival one of the most extraordinary events in the World.

TALK 2 - Granny With Gods, Goddesses And The Green Man

The town of Glastonbury is five miles away from the Festival site, but is also a centre for extraordinary events, and so a source of amazing imagery. Always a special place, with legends of Joseph of Arithmathea and the Holy Grail, King Arthur and his Knights, and the first Christian Church built on English soil.

Nowadays the great Abbey ruins host The Annual Pilgrimages, and the Extravaganza, the High Street sees the chanting Hare Krishnas, the Goddesses with their banners, and Chalice Well entertains The Green Man and the annual Festival of Beltane on May 1st. All this and many more extraordinary happenings are unique photographic subjects.

TALK 3 - The Art of Make Believe

A talk about performers and entertainers of all kinds, illustrated with mounted A3 prints. From children in a Dancing School rehearsing for their annual Musical Show, to Arabic and Belly Dancers, all kinds off stage performance, dance, cabaret and Carnival (absolutely NOT Venice!) Discussing colour, exposure, lighting, access, copyright, and model releases. A talk perhaps, mostly of interest to camera clubs and photographic societies.